Digital Experience Accelerators

Launch the digital banking experience your customers deserve.

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Your launchpad for getting to market quickly with a bespoke online/mobile banking and account opening experience.

Single Code Base You Control

Own your code and own your experience. One change reflects across all online and mobile banking and account opening applications.

Extensive Self-Service Functionality

Savana’s centralized process APIs power your digital experience with the same unified processes as your Call Center & Bank Operations experience.

Speed-to-Launch or Transform

All integrations, components, styles, and workflows are available for flexible configuration and rapid deployment.

This is Digital, Delivered.

Launch with the branding, functionality, and flow that sets your bank's experience and products apart. Differentiate where you want, without the ongoing maintenance, effort, and cost. Deliver truly frictionless self-service by extending the robust functionality of the banker experience into your channels.

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Savana’s Digital Experience Accelerator Framework:

Deployment Options

API Only

Custom build your experience using any native web framework connected to Savana’s Banking Services API’s for frictionless core-to-customer orchestration and engagement.

API + Core Widgets

Custom build your experience faster by differentiating on top of prebuilt key components such as transaction grids, login and IDV infrastructure, and more.

API + Core Widgets + UI

A robust, complete, solution enabling rapid launch of your bank’s unique online/mobile banking or account opening experience.

Available For

Personal and Business

  • Online Account Opening
  • Mobile Account Opening
  • Online Banking
  • Mobile Banking
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Start with a single, streamlined experience for your bank's call center and operations - from here, you can go anywhere.

Call Center and Bank Operations

Gain a single pane of glass experience to manage all customer and accounts without toggling platforms.

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Digital Experience Accelerators

Get to market faster with the digital banking and account opening experience your customers deserve.

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Banking Services APIs

Extend centralized processes driving the banker experience into self-service channels for unparalleled consistency.

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