Privacy Policy

Savana values the privacy of our customers, partners and vendors.

The intent of this policy statement is to inform our customers, partners and vendors of the ways we gather, collect, store, use, disclose, and manage any data collected from them.

Collection and Use of Customer, Partner or Vendor Data

Except as necessary to fulfill its obligations under executed agreements with customers, partners and vendors, or as required by law, Savana does not gather, collect, store, use or disclose customer, partner or vendor’s non-public data.

Savana maintains physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to restrict access to confidential or other non-public information to employees who need to know in order to provide services as described within individual contracts or as required by law.

Savana’s software applications are designed so that once the products are licensed to the customers, data collected, used or stored by such products are not accessible by or available to Savana, unless customers send specific data to Savana for troubleshooting, product modifications or bug fixes.

In the event that customers send such data, Savana retains these data only as long as required to answer the customers’ questions and then such data are deleted from Savana’s data repositories in accordance with appropriate federal, state and local laws regarding the safe destruction of data containing personally identifiable or otherwise sensitive information.

Savana collects only very basic information about hits on the website. Savana does not use any collected data other than to improve upon the website experience.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the treatment of data you believe you have provided to Savana, please contact Nicole Venere, Chief Operating Officer at [email protected] to discuss your situation directly.