Savana Mortgage Solution

Simplify and Streamline Loan Origination

Our solution provides a workflow-enabled, single platform, end-to-end solution for mortgage origination.

Solutions Finder

Savana’s single platform for mortgage origination starts by providing borrowers a clear and simple browser experience to apply for pre-qualification. Borrowers can even search for their own product and pricing solutions.

Application Capture

Savana provides an elegant UI to gather full, compliant 1003 application data. But the nGage Mortgage point of sale solution does more than just capture application data. Loan Officers can also pull credit, review DU findings, and generate pre-qualification letters.

Transparency for Borrowers

After a borrower applies for a mortgage, provide them access to a portal for securely uploading required documents, seeing the status of their loan, and exchanging messages with their loan officer. Because of Savana’s single platform, there is no transmission of partial data between two disconnected systems. Application data is immediately available to back officer users such as processors and underwriters, and changes in loan status or conditions are immediately available to borrowers.

Loan Production

Quickly and efficiently product compliant loans using Savana’s workflow-enabled loan origination system. Rules-based loan assignment that uses configurable loan difficulty levels and individual user skill sets is just one of the features that allows you to quickly move loans through your process. Integrated imaging makes it easy for users to associate documents with conditions.

Real Workflow

Savana’s loan origination system provides a Mortgage Task Designer that allows lenders to define their own tasks – when they are created, how they are assigned, when they are due, what UI to display – in a simple, point-and-click task designer. Dictate what happens when and how you want to process loans. Savana supports both the loan ownership and the segregated task approaches to loan processing. Built on the powerful nGage workflow engine, the rules are truly configurable.

Manage Sales Pipeline

The Sales & Lead Management module is a rules-based CRM to help lenders manage their sales pipeline while ensuring data continuity throughout the mortgage process. It gives users the ability to display and report on all contacts and interactions (human or system) across any phase of the mortgage servicing lifecycle.