Employee Onboarding

Savana Culture
Find out what it’s like to work at Savana and some of the perks our team enjoys. View Video

Employee Navigator
Learn where you can find all the new employee paper work that will need to be completed along with your new health care plan information. View Video

How to File a Jira Service Desk Ticket
Learn how to submit a help desk ticket in the event you have any issues with your computer, software or networking. View Video

Weekly Timesheets
Overview of how to submit weekly timesheets utilizing OpenAir software. View Video

End-of-Month (Overlapping) Timesheets
Learn how to submit end-of-month and overlapping timesheets using OpenAir software. View Video

Security Training
A review of Savana’s required security training to keep you and our employees safe.  View Video

Healthcare Plan Perks
Learn more about your Independence Blue Cross Healthcare plan and some of the key perks.  View Video

How to Set Up HSA/FHA Account
Get an overview of how to set up your health savings account. View Video

Navigating Sharepoint
Learn how to access Savana’s Sharepoint drive to access relevant documents related to employment.  View Video

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