Streamlining Inquiries and Requests for a Leading Direct Bank

The Project

One of the world’s largest financial groups launched a new direct bank with market-leading savings products. The new direct bank needed a centralized solution to receive, track, close, and report on customer service inquiries and requests from a variety of channels nationwide. The direct bank’s products quickly captured the market’s attention, and the centralized solution needed to be able to stand up to large volumes of requests. The solution also needed to support the bank’s lean operational model, including an outsourced back office and an outsourced call center in separate locations.

Our Solution

Savana implemented its Contact Management and Case Management solutions. These solutions work in tandem to ensure swift and accurate handling of all customer service inquiries and requests, no matter their origin. Through automated workflow rules, requests requiring additional work beyond the initial point of customer contact are instantly routed over a secure internet connection to each team responsible for fulfilling the request. The backlog of work is presented in a configurable, calculated priority order so that, even during peak volume, the teams don’t need to think about what they should work on next.

Each person working with a customer, whether on a contact or a case, sees a holistic, real-time picture of that customer’s history, notes, and supporting documentation. This saves time (in that there is no need to research and juggle multiple screens) and ensures the best possible continuity of customer service.


Savana’s solution also allows the bank’s leadership to measure how their various teams, including outsourced teams, perform as groups and as individuals. In addition to handling metrics around volume, inventory, and handling time, the reporting tools capture and present every action taken within the solution, and compare the time the action was taken against SLA requirements, taking the guesswork out of determining where bottlenecks and compliance issues require remediation. All contact and case data is also extracted nightly to the parent financial group’s data warehouse.

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