Helping Securities-Based Lender Orchestrate 20+ Systems

The Project

A global financial services leader developed a securities-based lending product for its wealth customers that had complex integration and automation requirements among multiple partner vendors. The product needed easy and immediate ways to authenticate and verify customers; detect fraud; scan for OFAC compliance; coordinate up to four distinct levels of approval per transaction; and ultimately submit disbursement instructions to an intermediary bank. At the same time, the product needed a solution to receive, track, close, and report on customer service inquiries and requests from a variety of channels nationwide.

Our Solution

Savana implemented our Contact Management and Case Management solutions, and extended our software to transmit and receive data to and from each of the client’s partner vendors. The Savana solution quickly became the digital backbone of the lending product, orchestrating more than 20 points of integration and automation, while providing complete transparency and audit details to all authorized participants in each transaction’s lifecycle.


Contact Management and Case Management work in tandem to ensure swift and accurate handling of all customer service inquiries and requests, no matter their origin. Through automated workflow rules, requests are either submitted directly to the lending core as validated updates, or instantly routed over a secure internet connection to each team responsible for fulfilling the request. The backlog of work is presented in a configurable, calculated priority order so that, even during peak volume, the teams don’t need to think about what they should work on next.

Each person working with a customer, whether on a contact or a case, sees a holistic, real-time picture of that customer’s history, notes, and supporting documentation. This saves time (in that there is no need to research and juggle multiple screens) and ensures the best possible continuity of customer service.

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