Reporting and Analytics

Measure, Monitor, Improve

Savana’s reporting engine draws on the extensive data managed within the content and business process management portions of the solution.

Reporting Made Simple

Savana offers an easy-to-use, integrated web-based reporting tool that provides a broad range of features and functions, including the ability to export report results to a variety of formats; to filter report results on demand; to include charts and graphs that illustrate report data; and to schedule reports for timely automatic generation and distribution via email. The reporting tool is targeted towards line of business users and operations to support building and deploying custom reports. In other words, it does not take traditional software development skills to set up a report.

Accurately Measure Employees and Processes

By default, IPM captures a significant amount of process metrics and audit data, which can be leveraged for performance analysis of processes, people, and technology. Every aspect of process execution and interaction with people and systems is audited. If additional metrics capture is required, then automated workflow rules and actions may be used to capture, store, and update additional metric and milestone data into custom data objects and tables.

Track Everything With Complete Audit Trail

Savana’s solution keeps a complete audit trail for both transactions and workflow activities managed within a business process, which may then be accessed by authorized users. Audit information includes all events, data changes, content changes, and workflow processing information at both the summarized and detailed action/rule processing level.

Easier Compliance Reviews

All audit data for each work item is stored and archived within the Savana database. The process summary audit is available within the user experience or additional reporting is available to create supporting artifacts and documents for audit and compliance reviews.

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