We’re sponsoring the American Banker RegTech conference because we believe in simplicity.

Savana automates your compliance and client servicing activities across all business lines. Our mission is to keep you compliant while improving your bank's servicing and customer experience. Built on a highly customizable workflow engine, our most popular use-cases include complaints management, disputes management, AML and mortgage origination.

We’ve helped 6 of the 25 largest banks in the United States automate their compliance and accounts servicing.

Schedule time with us at the conference to learn how!

There's no question - one of the most important parts of running a business is keeping your banking secure. What do you think is most important to keep in mind when handling finances for your business?

Will small businesses ever trust fintechs the way they do banks? https://t.co/r3OVgzn91W

Great report on the state of the #OpenBanking initiative and where banks are in launching #API. #FinTech #InsurTech

➡️ https://t.co/TdLwyfTPDp

October 15th 13:45, Jim Heinzman of @ThetaRayTeam will take the stage at @AmerBanker's RegTech Event. Lets discuss the (r)evolutionary potential of pure play regtech https://t.co/DMXPS3DgAL #fintech #AI #RegTech #AML #bankfraud

Savana is all set up at @AmerBanker’s #regtech 2018 conference in NYC. Come check us out!

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