The Savana Solution

An easier path to transformation

All of the vital components necessary to modernize and transform legacy technology are integrated into our proven solution, saving our banking customers time and money in development while minimizing risk.

Unify Business Processes

Legacy cores do not share the same underlying technology or services architecture with other channel specific applications, making business processes inconsistent.  Encapsulating these functions into Process APIs allows them to be invoked by other applications and banking channels to unify business processes and create a consistent OMNI channel processing environment.


Automate and Orchestrate Processes

Business Process Management orchestrates and automates human and systems functions, creating repetitive, consistent, and efficient execution of tasks.  Savana BPM allows organizations to model processes and rules in such a way that they can be rapidly changed to reflect new operating and regulatory requirements.


Eliminate Silos

Our financial services specific domain data model translates and unifies data definitions from multiple siloed systems, creating a common language and improving the accuracy of information needed to support business processes, decisions, or execution across disparate systems and business units.

Serve Customers Better

Our Enterprise Content Management component provides a complete repository of content related to customers and accounts that can be accessed by any stakeholder or process within the enterprise.  A singular, unified store of information creates a seamless aggregation of information to support customer servicing across all business processes and channels.

Create Engaging User Experiences

Our solution offers a low-code UI framework that minimizes the development effort and allows for more rapid evolution of user experiences that are consistent across all channels. The UI is another layer of abstraction that uses APIs to communicate with underlying services.

Measure and Monitor

The solution’s reporting engine draws on the extensive data managed within the entire system, capturing process metrics, workflow activities and every key metric about a work item’s progression. Reports are available within the user experience to quickly and easily create documents for audit and compliance reviews.


Transform your technology today