Process API

Eliminate Silos and Unify the Experience

Our solution encapsulates and orchestrates legacy components of the ecosystem to create one consistent OMNI-Channel processing environment.

A Powerful Process API

The process API combines the integration layers for the cores and ancillary systems with the workflow, process and business rules, creating an integrated service layer that is consistent through the entire enterprise, with one intuitive UI, streamlining the user experience while offering efficiencies. This Process API also enables the transition from assisted to consumer-direct servicing, saving banks even more money and time.

Our Process APIs Capabilities

Expose the process to other systems and UXs

Encapsulate disjointed apps that need to participate in a business process

Orchestrate the entire business process and manage its lifecycle

Manage authentication and entitlements

Escalate time sensitive steps that could violate SLAs or regulations

Listen for events that can move a process forward. A process can move between people or systems

All activities are recorded for audit and compliance

Every step is timed to find and correct inefficiencies

Processes are improved through modeling not code.

Domain Data Model

Our financial services specific domain data model translates and unifies data definitions from multiple silod systems, creating a common language and improving the accuracy of information needed to support business processes, decisions, or execution across disparate systems and business units.

Data Adapters

Data adapters are rapidly and easily modeled using low-code and visual design to connect the underlying core to the domain data model. allowing the Process API to uniformly address disparate legacy systems in real-time, enabling better rule-based decisioning, workflow and automation based on current operating state of the customer or account data.

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