Stay Compliant Seamlessly

Savana's solution reduces the time needed to meet regulatory requirements. By automating processes and creating consistency, banks are able to streamline compliance and regulatory adherence, including supporting data and audit requirements.

Be compliant subconsciously

Compliance is built in to our applications via rules of the workflow. Rules dictate which actions are required on specific tasks and work items. Notifications can be configured to tell users when a work item has entered their queue and the associated goal dates. No need to micromanage users to make sure they are staying compliant.

Be prepared for your regulators

Savana tracks every click in our applications. Never need to remember what you did last Thursday at 2 PM. Follow the history of each work item using our audit functionality.

A new meaning for reporting

Compliance based on reports is inefficient. Reports generated on an ad-hoc basis so that you are never too late as with nightly reporting. Rules dictate which actions are required on specific tasks and work items. Get real-time information using reports, dashboards and queues.

Tips for your users

Configure screens with dialogue scripts to ensure that your users are compliant throughout the entire case management lifecycle. Create correspondence using pre-configured and organizationally- approved templates to ensure all correspondence to the customer is compliant.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) – Due Date and Goal Date Monitoring

Our solution manages each work item, at both the overall process and individual activity level, in conjunction with due date and goal date targets. Due dates are the hard dates required to meet SLA or compliance requirements. Goal dates represent the desired date the organization wants to complete the work ahead of the due date; the goal date can also be used as a “due soon” warning for the workforce.

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