Business Process Management

Engineered for Performance

Savana Process Automation allows organizations to rapidly model and design processes that automate human-centric tasks and instantly improve efficiency.

Automate and Orchestrate

Savana Process Automation offers the following key features

Low Code UI Framework

Our solution offers a low-code UI framework that minimizes the development effort, using APIs to communicate with underlying services, and ensuring a singular and consistent user experience across all channels.

Out-of-the-Box Components

Process Automation includes dozens of out-of-the-box components to perform many common tasks such as routing, assignment, sending email notifications, evaluating data, adding or updating data, adding or updating related content, and more.

Rule and Task Automation

Automate routine and common tasks. Implement rule based decisions and task flow to streamline user and system workflow.

Real-Time Workload Status

Process Automation provides real-time insight into the total amount of work within the system, within a process, within an activity, or assigned to a user or group. All state information is managed within the our database and is presented real-time throughout the user experience.

Reporting and Analytics

The reporting engine draws on the extensive data managed within the content and business process management portions of the platform. All data within the underlying platform are securely exposed to authorized report users and report designers, with robust but easy-to-use report design and execution.

SLA Management

Track each work item against its respective goal date and due date, with optional automatic escalation if a work item remains beyond its due date.

Workload Distribution and Assignment

Process Automation provides extensive work distribution and assignment capabilities. Within our platform, processes are comprised of individual work steps (activities) wherein work is performed directly by users or by automated steps without human involvement.

Flexible System Management

Certain adjustments can be made to existing workflows without extensive  platform expertise or even a workflow outage – for example, it is very easy to add new users, modify or remove existing users, adjust settings for load-balancing and automated decision thresholds, and move batches of work from one workflow activity (step) to another.

External System Integration

Integrate with existing line of business systems and services to create unified work and processing experiences, reducing the time each user has to spend juggling among disparate screens or systems to perform their tasks and participate in the workflow.

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