The nGage Banking Solution

Driving Efficiency, Improving the Customer Experience

Savana's banking solution includes a host of modules that can easily be configured and adapted to evolving customer and regulatory needs.

Account Management

Account Servicing

The nGage Account Servicing module creates transparency into day-to-day customer interactions so that no matter which platform customers use, they get consistent answers and a better banking experience. Because our banking solution integrates directly to core systems, customer, account and transaction information are available in real time and do not need to be replicated or duplicated from the core system.

Contact Management

The Contact Management module helps banks improve customer relationships. By aggregating all the individual interactions between the organization and customer, you gain a 360-degree view into what the customer is really looking for at any one time. Now, whenever someone indicates interest but does not follow through to the dotted line, you can engage and encourage that customer to take the next step. Plus, you can utilize powerful reporting and auditing features to identify key areas of improvement, and ensure key customer service objectives are met precisely.

Case Management

Complaint Management

Our Complaint Management module provides a comprehensive and compliant solution to manage the consumer complaint process from submission, throughout all analysis and review steps, response management, and closure.

Disputes (Reg E & Reg Z)

The Disputes module handles all specific customer disputes so that they are seamlessly directed to the correct system workflow. This helps ensure that all disputes are handled as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure better customer service, service quality, and regulatory compliance. For electronic transactions and Reg E compliance, our solution automatically moves disputes through their steps and keep banks compliant. For Reg Z disputes, our solution enables the proper response to any complaints related to the Truth in Lending Act.


Our Ticketing module empowers call center personnel with the most up-to-date customer data and simplifies the steps to achieve a resolution by giving representatives the ability to enter data once and have it propagate across all legacy systems. Call center and customer-facing employees benefit from more efficient systems and workflows so that they can quickly address issues using the same steps and institutional knowledge across every interaction and every customer.


The nGage Banking solution offers the following features:


Automate routine and common tasks. Implement rule based decisions and task flow to streamline user and system workflow.

Reporting and Analytics

The reporting engine draws on the extensive data managed within the content and business process management portions of the platform. All data within the underlying platform are securely exposed to authorized report users and report designers, with robust but easy-to-use report design and execution.

Workload Distribution and Assignment

Process Automation provides extensive work distribution and assignment capabilities. Within our platform, processes are comprised of individual work steps (activities) wherein work is performed directly by users or by automated steps without human involvement.


Savana’s solution reduces the time needed to meet regulatory requirements. By automating processes and creating consistency, banks are able to streamline compliance and regulatory adherence, including supporting data and audit requirements.

Unified Desktop
Process API

The process API combines the integration layers for the cores and ancillary systems with the workflow, process and business rules, creating an integrated service layer that is consistent through the entire enterprise, with one intuitive UI, streamlining the user experience while offering efficiencies.

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