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Savana, Inc. Announces Availability of nGage / Complaint Management

New SaaS offering to automate regulated Financial Services complaint processes

Malvern, PA —December 20, 2016 nGage / Complaint Management— Savana, Inc. announces immediate availability of a comprehensive SaaS complaint management offering for the Financial Services Industry. nGage / Complaint Management is the first workflow-driven, smart process application supporting all regulated product line categories. The solution was built with guidance from the largest global provider of banking solutions and some of their 10,000+ customers.

“As part of Savana’s nGage Banking Suite, nGage / Complaint Management helps assure financial institutions that regulatory requirements are met when managing consumer complaints, while also streamlining the process and providing management a consolidated view of the entire complaint management program across the institution,” said Laurel Quigley, SVP of Product Management at Savana. “In addition”, she added “customers can expect quicker and more transparent resolution of consumer issues.”

Like all of Savana’s nGage solutions, the nGage / Complaint Management Solution is built on Savana’s nGage Platform which includes workflow, document, data, and security management components. The nGage Platform enables quick implementation, and integration with current core solutions and third parties. Customized workflows can be quickly modified to meet current market and regulatory demands. Savana’s nGage solutions help customers increase volume, decrease costs and make employees more productive.

Customers using nGage / Complaint Management will experience consistency in complaint management and dispute resolution within multi-channel and multi-product environments across the enterprise and customers will capture more than just complaints. nGage / Complaint Management uses the institution’s policies and procedures to capture trends, issues, historical consumer behavior, actions for additional research, response recommendations, and automated caseload assignments. The solution also identifies systemic issues requiring improvement and provides support for audits and examinations. As a result, institutions increase efficiencies and gain knowledge to improve customer engagement, satisfaction and retention.

About Savana

Savana, Inc., headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania, is a software company focused on delivering advanced automation solutions to the mortgage, retail banking and payments industries. Since its founding in 2009, Savana has delivered mission critical applications to some of the largest financial institutions and FinTech resellers in the United States.

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