nGage / Mortgage

nGage / Mortgage provides factory-like, repeatable and scalable processes that drive loan quality, compliance, capacity and profitability across the entire loan lifecycle, from origination through servicing.

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nGage / Banking & Payments

nGage / Banking & Payments is a seamless banking process management solution that provides the fastest path to modernizing and unifying legacy banking systems.

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The nGage Platform

The nGage Platform is the common core of all nGage financial software solutions. Its process management capabilities make it a flexible tool that is configurable to meet the individual needs of Savana’s banking, payments and mortgage customers.

As requirements and regulations change, the nGage Platform can adapt and grow with your business. With the continuing innovation of Savana’s team of financial technology experts, the nGage Platform is the ideal choice for any company looking to build or enhance its digital banking or mortgage lending business.

Smart Process Applications Powered by the nGage Platform

  • Workflow Management
  • Data Management
  • Security Management
  • Document Management
  • Business Rules
  • Configuration Tools